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Published 28 Sep 2015

The excitement evident in political and bureaucratic circles about the imminent launch of new telecommunications satellites that it is claimed will dramatically improve internet access for Australians living in regional areas is probably not matched on the ground by those destined to be recipients of the new service, based on…

Published 4 Jul 2014

A speech to the Pathways to Growth conference, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. Depending on who you believe, the Australian agriculture sector is about to experience a sustained repeat of the Korean War boom, or a continuing slide into economic obscurity and a future when Australia’s food will…

Published 12 May 2014

The Australian farm sector has the largest average farm business size (by value of sales) in the world. However, the average farm sizes of global competitors such as New Zealand, Argentina, Canada and the USA are growing at a much faster rate than Australian farms, suggesting that the funding arrangements…
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