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Published 1 Sep 2019

The Spring Journal outlines what ecosystem services are, how they might be delivered and examines the potential for what will essentially be a new sector for Australian agriculture. Ecosystem services provide the opportunity for new sources of income and incentivisation for protection of Australian agriculture’s natural capital. However, there are…

Published 1 May 2019

Climate, culture and risk are now mainstream governance issues in agriculture and natural resource management. In a recent risk and governance forum held in Australia, experts highlighted that organisations should undertake rigorous review of their non-financial risks, in particular those related to culture and climate. While some sectors – including…

Published 12 Mar 2017

Australian land managers have dramatically improved the state of the environment over the past decade, with native vegetation clearing rates dropping to almost zero, farms being replanted with trees, native plants and animal populations reinvigorated, pest animal populations controlled, water and wind erosion significantly reduced through better management practices, and…
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