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Published 5 Jun 2014

The just-concluded Australian Farm Institute’s “Funding Agriculture’s Future” conference held in Canberra provided some fascinating insights into the reality of investment in Australian agriculture – leading to the conclusion that while there is significant (offshore) interest in investing in the sector, the family farm structure is more than competitive with…

Published 12 May 2014

The Australian farm sector has the largest average farm business size (by value of sales) in the world. However, the average farm sizes of global competitors such as New Zealand, Argentina, Canada and the USA are growing at a much faster rate than Australian farms, suggesting that the funding arrangements…

Published 10 Feb 2014

The Australian agricultural sector has a long history of foreign investment, with overseas capital playing a critical role in the development of industries such as wool, wine, cotton, beef, feed grains and sugar. Foreign investment will also undoubtedly play an important role in the success of Australia’s agricultural sector into…
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