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Published 28 Oct 2021

This paper considers how the agriculture sector can leverage stimulatory regional investment to ensure enduring economic stability and social benefits by establishing a virtuous cycle of beneficial impacts. A strong agricultural sector, availability of regional jobs and financial capital, and improved regional liveability are not only linked but interdependent. While…

Published 30 Nov 2020

The Federal Government has announced that part of Australia’s strategy to deal with the economic impacts of COVID-19 will be a ‘gas-led recovery’. However, increasing gas production in Australia creates obstacles to the agriculture sector’s economic viability, social cohesion, environmental stewardship and ability to meet sustainability goals.

Published 1 Aug 2018

Data on the cost of energy to Australian agriculture is surprisingly sparse. The energy debate has thus occurred in an environment where there has been limited ability to estimate the sectoral and value chain impact of energy policy changes. This research compiled available data and estimated the cost of energy…

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