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Published 30 Nov 2020

The Federal Government has announced that part of Australia’s strategy to deal with the economic impacts of COVID-19 will be a ‘gas-led recovery’. However, increasing gas production in Australia creates obstacles to the agriculture sector’s economic viability, social cohesion, environmental stewardship and ability to meet sustainability goals.

Published 26 Nov 2020

The production of dairy products is associated with environmental impacts, and these impacts have resulted in calls within the popular media to reduce dairy consumption for the benefit of the environment (e.g. Carrington, 2018; Eating Better, 2020). Impacts of current production are estimated by environmental footprints; the use of environmental…

Published 22 May 2020

Regenerative agriculture describes a set of practices and principles which aim to increase biodiversity, enrich soils, improve watersheds, and enhance ecosystem services. These are goals which are obviously desirable and are understandably generating significant interest in regenerative agriculture methods amongst farmers and the wider community more generally.

Published 16 Jan 2018

Destinations of agriculture graduates from Australian universities and Marcus Oldham College were considered using the database of the GradLink program operated by Rimfire Resources for the period 2004-2014. This accounted for around 1000 graduates or one in six graduates for the period and comprised a gender balance similar to that…

Published 16 May 2013

Too often we see ‘economic projections’ or ‘forecasts’ used unwarily. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) failing to estimate the consequences of European austerity measures on the European Union (EU) growth rates is a prime example. A core assumption of the IMF model in 2010 was that a 1% decrease of…

Published 31 Jan 2011

Australia’s river systems, particularly the Murray-Darling Basin, are under considerable stress. The condition of the basin’s rivers has been well documented, such as through the Sustainable Rivers Audit, which found that twenty of the twenty-three river valleys are in poor or very poor health.

Some of the papers included above were previously published as the Primary Report, a monthly publication from the NSW Farmers’ Association. Authored by Mick Keogh, former Executive Director of the Australian Farm Institute, these occasional papers are included on the Institute’s website for your information.

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