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Research Program

The Australian Farm Institute contracts approximately four major research projects to external providers each year, as well as conducting various projects internally.

The Institute’s research is overseen by a Research Advisory Committee consisting of experienced senior researchers and academics. The Committee identifies strategic issues, and oversees the quality of research to ensure it is of the highest calibre and is conducted objectively.

A particular challenge the Institute faces is the identification of projects that should gain support and be implemented. A six-step process is used by the Institute, which includes an investigation of emerging farm sector issues both nationally and internationally; identification of future trends and events that are likely to bring an increased focus on specific farm-sector issues; and final approval from the Board of Directors.

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Current Research

The Institute currently has the following projects underway:
This project has assessed the effectiveness and impact of the Climate Research Strategy for Primary Industries (CRSPI) partnership over its 12-year life span with a focus on performance against the most recent strategic plan. The purpose of the assessment was to provide the CRSPI partners and stakeholders with information and…
Land use conflict has significant effects on primary producers and the agricultural sector in NSW. With agricultural land occupying more than 80% of the State, these conflicts also impact on many communities attached to or dependent on farming. Farm-related land use conflict in NSW extends beyond neighbourhood amenity disputes and…
In 2019 the Australian Government announced funding for the implementation of an Australian Farm Biodiversity Scheme, to be developed and led by the National Farmers’ Federation. As part of the Agriculture Stewardship Package, the aim of the scheme is to reward farmers for managing biodiversity on farm through market-based mechanisms…

Published 1 Jun 2019

Climate change is a ‘wicked problem’ representing not only a threat to the Australian agricultural sector’s profitability and international competitiveness but also to our long-term food security and the viability of some regional communities. The agriculture sector is both vulnerable to and partially responsible for the heightened challenges brought about…

Published 1 Feb 2020

The AFI has conducted an evidence-based research project investigating the rise in alternative protein sources to the Australian agricultural industry to enable the industry to capitalise on future opportunities and overcome challenges presented by this trend. The project investigated outcomes for the entirety of the agricultural industry, including sectors such…
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