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Published 1 Dec 2020

How a gas-led recovery will impact Australian farmers

Agriculture & gas production enterprises have different values & goals. For the sake of our farmers & our agriculture sector, it’s time to take our foot off the gas. This short video summarises the AFI briefing paper produced with the support of Farmers for Climate Action and the Australian Conserv

Published 23 Nov 2020

This video provides a precis of the Australian Farm Biodiversity Certification Scheme Phase 1 Report delivered to the National Farmers’ Federation in July 2020. During the consultation for this report, farmers identified the complexity, cost and difficulty of assessing and participating in multiple programs, as barriers to participating in current…

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Published 29 Jun 2021

Developing an Australian Agricultural Sustainability Framework (AASF) The first iteration of the AASF has now been developed for stakeholder feedback (see link above – AASF 1st iteration). As the framework contains many levels of information, this interactive PowerPoint (PPT) presentation has been designed to allow users to ‘dive in’ to areas of interest…

Published 2 Feb 2021

RESEARCH REPORT: Managing farm-related land use conflict in NSW The Australian Farm Institute estimates $20.3 billion can be added to the gross value of agricultural production through digital technology, while the National Farmers’ Federation has identified it as one of the keys to making agriculture a $100 billion industry by…
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