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Published 1 Feb 2015

Australian agriculture’s never-ending quest for ideal drought policies. Drought policy has vexed Australian policy-makers and farmers for the past 100 years – yet despite seemingly backward steps, there are signs that drought policy reforms are slowly resulting in better outcomes…

Published 1 Nov 2014

Time to rethink farmland environmental policies: According to scientists and environmental groups, the current environmental policy settings in Australia are inadequate to prevent accelerating and irreparable damage to the environment. If this is correct, then perhaps it’s time to consider a radically different set of policies, and not more of the…

Published 1 Aug 2014

Australian farm businesses could do better with different funding models. Will a drought of funding be the biggest future challenge for Australian farmers? Christopher Pyne and Kim Carr on whether deregulated uni fees disadvantage agriculture; and eating less meat will not result in less greenhouse emissions, despite official emission account numbers.

Published 1 May 2014

The challenges associated with accelerating agricultural productivity in Australia. Also in this edition: Jackie Healing and Sharman Stone discuss country of origin labelling; will agriculture attract suitable future capital?; AFI is developing an Australian agricultural trade database; and  the myth of the ageing farmer.

Published 1 Feb 2014

Australia has an open door for foreign investment, but voters hold the keys. Barnaby Joyce and Joel Fitzgibbon provide opinions on the Agriculture White Paper – timely or time waster? Findings on the effectiveness of advocacy groups; FarmGAS calculator upgrades; and upcoming Institute events. 

Published 1 Nov 2013

Questions are now emerging about Australia’s agricultural R,D&E system’s capacity to continually improve productivity, profitability and competitiveness. November Insights includes: an upgrade of the AFI FarmGAS Calculator in the pipeline; research examining agricultural advocacy in Australia; the launch of a Newsroom on the AFI website; and the Hon Brendon Grylls MLA and Senator Rachel…

Published 1 Aug 2013

Australia risks missing a big livestock export and animal welfare opportunity. August Insights, finds opportunity for leadership from Australian livestock industries; explores ways for farm lobby groups to improve their effectiveness; and Bill Shorten and Eric Abetz discuss workplace relations and competitiveness in the food processing sector.

Published 1 May 2013

Does proximity to Asia breed complacency for agricultural trade? May Insights explores the projected boom in Asian middle-class food demand, and examines CSG facility approvals; transparency in the retail food supply chain; and AFI plans for an online Australian agricultural trade portal.

Published 1 Feb 2013

Farmers are awesome, but does it matter? Looking back on last year’s ‘Australian Year of the Farmer’, the feature wonders whether marketers should focus on Aussie farmers or their products? The newsletter also looks at the future of agricultural extension.

Published 1 Nov 2012

From where? Home truths about what you’re really eating. The newsletter discusses whether social media has supplanted traditional lobby groups; points out the dangers of taking the agriculture sector’s official statistics at face-value; and introduces the new FarmGAS Scenario Tool.

Published 1 Aug 2012

Has statistical modelling replaced science? ‘In My View’ features Kelvin Thomson MP and Senator Chris Back discussing the effectiveness of new live export regulations. Other topics include, future extension models for the grains, and permeate in milk.

Published 1 May 2012

Will locavores destroy the planet? Martin Ferguson AM MP and Warren Truss MP give their opinions on biofuels use mandates. Free FarmGAS Scenario Tool released. We explore the impacts of carbon policy on fisheries, and misinformation about Australian food security.
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