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Published 1 Feb 2018

Opening the GATE: Moving R&D into the future. David Littleproud and Joel Fitzgibbon discuss the key issues for ag in 2018; agriculture and energy pricing; future workforce captures Roundtable attention; anti-GM logic doesn’t add up; social media skyrockets, and staff update

Published 1 Nov 2017

‘Owning’ the value chain: Agriculture in the Asian century. Josh Frydenberg and Mark Butler discuss Australian agriculture’s role in future greenhouse emission reduction policies; also risk in Australian agriculture; strong public R&D systems grow private-sector R&D investment; hype and misinformation feed artificial meat story.

Published 1 Aug 2017

Using agricultural land for utility-scale photovoltaic solar electricity generation. Senator Janet Rice and Senator David Leyonhjelm discuss the main reasons that Australian farmers have experienced such significant increases in their energy costs; and current debate about insufficient public investment in ICT infrastructure in rural and regional Australia.

Published 1 May 2017

Australian agricultural trade and the populism of protectionism. Andrew Broad MP and Cathy McGowan AO MP discuss whether the minor political parties are good for the bush; collaboration key to effective RD&E; the future of energy policy in Australia; and will glyphosate kill you? 

Published 1 Feb 2017

IoT in agriculture – how is it evolving and which policy areas need addressing to facilitate its uptake. David Lamb from UNE and Tim O’Leary from Telstra discuss digital agriculture and connectivity; unlocking the economic potential of digital agriculture; is your farm business investment ready?; and policy success fails to be…

Published 1 Nov 2016

Is the Black Sea a dark cloud over Australia’s grains industry? Recent research reports from AEGIC examine the grains industry in Ukraine and Russia; main players in what is known as the Black Sea region. Also, Dr Peter Stahle (ADPF) and David Basham (ADF) answer questions about the dairy industry, following…

Published 1 Aug 2016

The impact on Australian agriculture of Britain leaving the EU. Jaimie Lovell, NSW Farmers’ Association, and Roger Fletcher, Fletcher International Exports, give their views on the potential of inland rail. Biosecurity risks increase as Australian agriculture moves into premium markets, and beware the statistics in media reports on land clearing. 

Published 1 May 2016

Graduate supply for agriculture – a glimmer of hope. David Williams and Tom Howard on the advantages and disadvantages of agricultural cooperatives; danger for agriculture when media can’t tell the difference between ‘advocacy science’ and ‘real science’; an absence of clear targets still hinders the work of many advocacy groups; and…

Published 1 Feb 2016

Some implications of the Paris climate agreement for Australian agriculture. Brent Finlay and John Connor see opportunity for Australian farmers from Paris Conference; the competitiveness of the Australian livestock export industry; research highlights trends in the use of private advisory services by Australian farmers; and productivity is put at risk when…

Published 1 Nov 2015

Big data and the future of farming. Also, beef the big mover in Australian agricultural trade; be wary of simplistic indicators of ‘competitiveness’; judging the potential or pitfalls of digital agriculture for Australian farmers; and no case for zero tolerance in Marsh vs Baxter.

Published 1 Aug 2015

Look over the grain fence: greener on the other side? Also, has the Murray-Darling Basin Plan delivered on its promises?; the optimal level of RD&E expenditure for the agriculture sector; and the role of a national brand play in the transition from a plain old commodity exporter to a more innovative…

Published 1 May 2015

Australian farmers could remain years behind global peers due to NBN delays. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had access to a seamless flow of information via the internet. Whether you worked in a metropolitan area or a remote farming region, the software or data needed to keep your business running…
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