Vol. 17 | No. 4 | November 2020

Cattle on King Island

New paradigms for farming’s future

It’s been a tumultuous year in many ways but there’s one topic which is undeniably ubiquitous: how has COVID changed the ways we operate? This edition of Insights looks at NSW Farmers’ eight-point reform and recovery plan, canvasses global opinions on potential international farm policy ramifications, covers the shift to regionalisation, addresses the impacts of federal economic strategy on the ag sector, and also announces some big changes to AFI’s engagement model.

Published 24 Nov 2020

The AFI has been accelerating positive change by leading the farm policy discussion and promoting policy solutions that maximise the economic and social wellbeing of Australian farmers since 2004. As the policy landscape changes – now more than ever – we are making changes to help us ensure a viable…
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