February 2021 Insights

Published 24 Feb 2021

Vol. 18 | No. 1 | February 2021

Stump jump plough

The agricultural innovation conundrum

Innovation is not a buzzword or a box to check on a business plan; it is a vital component for sustainable economic development. The Australian agriculture sector faces a serious and present threat in climate change, which cannot be addressed by incremental adaptation; innovative responses to this challenge are a necessity, not a luxury. This edition of Farm Institute Insights looks at the innovation agenda for Australian agriculture and asks: is our system fit-for-purpose and do we have the right strategies in place to foster the innovation the sector needs?

Published 24 Feb 2021

‘Australian farmers … have a strong history of embracing innovation and adopting technologies, leading to improved farming practices.’ So opens the 2020 Future of Agricultural Technologies Report. Yet in the same month, the Government released the National Agricultural Innovation Agenda as a response to multiple investigations into perceived issues with…

Published 24 Feb 2021

Kirsten Rose, CSIRO, and Olympia Yarger, Goterra, offer their views on the national agricultural innovation agenda, which seeks to provide national leadership and drive improvements across the agricultural innovation system. Is this a legitimate role for government or should the market be left to deliver these outcomes? Have current R&D…

Published 24 Feb 2021

What AFI staff are reading, listening to and watching. Richard reflects on the complexity of environmental management, Katie recommends UK farmer James Rebanks’ new book on sustainable farming practices, Teresa champions the benefits to the agricultural industry of ‘welcoming more voices into the conversation’, and Sally’s pick explores the huge…

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