Winter 2018: Is agriculture ready for autonomy?

Winter 2018: Is agriculture ready for autonomy?


Autonomous and robotic applications are expanding rapidly into agriculture, and new uses of technology for agriculture are emerging almost on a daily basis. Papers included in this edition investigate aspects of the use of autonomous farming systems that will require different thinking and strategy – and potentially new regulations – to ensure that the technology is used to its full potential.

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Published 31 Aug 2022

This third iteration of the AASF represents the ‘working model’ developed at the conclusion of Phase 2 work, based on extensive feedback from industry stakeholders and the expert reference group convened for the project. It is expected the framework will undergo further revision in Phase 3 and will be subject…

Published 25 Aug 2022

Labour and skill shortages are often detrimental to adaptive capacity, resilience, and competitiveness of regional communities; yet most Australian regions are at full or underemployment. Solutions aimed at tackling agricultural workforce recruitment and retention must consider some key factors, for example: taking a regional or place-based (rather than sector-based) approach…

Published 25 Aug 2022

Ethics is how we behave as professionals. An industry-wide Chartered Agricultural Scheme (‘the Scheme’) has been developed to recognise individuals that demonstrate professional expertise and understand, and demonstrate, practical ethics. The Scheme, now operating in its fourth year, is a global first, and focuses on enhancing governance at the professional…
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