Farm Biodiversity Scheme

Early in 2020 the Australian Farm Institute undertook a research project on behalf of the National Farmer’s Federation for Phase 1 of the Australian Farm Biodiversity Certification Scheme, which is a component of the Australian Government’s $34 million Agricultural Stewardship package.

This project reviewed best practice management standards and collated extensive feedback from stakeholders with skin in the game to address the value proposition and potential barriers for adoption of a scheme within farming and NRM communities. More than 500 individuals contributed their thoughts, opinions and expertise to the project. Information gathered in the desk review and consultation was analysed to determine key criteria for success, which in turn have informed recommendations for development of a farm biodiversity certification or verification scheme trial.

Published 23 Nov 2020

This video provides a precis of the Australian Farm Biodiversity Certification Scheme Phase 1 Report delivered to the National Farmers’ Federation in July 2020. During the consultation for this report, farmers identified the complexity, cost and difficulty of assessing and participating in multiple programs, as barriers to participating in current…

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