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The Farm Policy Journal is published quarterly by the Australian Farm Institute. It contains invited and contributed articles, addressing a range of policy issues that impact on agriculture. Australian Farm Institute members receive copies of the Journal, and it is also available by subscription, in either hardcopy or electronic format.

The Farm Policy Journal welcomes contributions on topical farm policy issues from suitably qualified persons. Instructions for Authors may be accessed here.

ISSN: 1449-2210 (print), 1449-8812 (online)
Publisher: Australian Farm Institute

Please note single Journal articles are not available in hard copy.

Published 21 Dec 2022

This year’s John Ralph Essay Competition posed the question: is value-adding a pipe dream for Australian agriculture? The relevance of this question was elevated by the unexpected and unwelcome combination of a global pandemic with geopolitical disruption which focused the attention of policy-makers on supply chain security across the economy, and…

Published 25 Aug 2022

In an era of historic low unemployment, labour shortages are endemic across the economy. Agriculture, which has traditionally struggled with attracting its required workforce, has been further impacted by pandemic-enforced restrictions to seasonal and overseas labour. The industry must redouble its efforts to be competitive in an increasingly tight job…

Published 12 Oct 2021

Is agricultural advocacy fit to manage an increasing array of future challenges? In a landscape where community attitudes influence regulatory change at a faster pace than ever before, and in which disruptive change to business has become the new normal, how well are agricultural advocates positioned to respond and participate?

Published 13 Oct 2020

Australian agriculture continues to depend on global markets for prosperity and growth. While our share of global agricultural markets has been declining, exports still remain a vital component of the growth story of Australian agriculture. This spring edition of the Farm Policy Journal contains four articles which explore how Australian agriculture remains relevant…

Published 1 Mar 2020

Conservation agriculture is the dominant cropping system in Australia, yet many conservation agriculture practices are under threat. Accelerated evolution of farming systems is necessary to ensure that Australian farmers can continue to farm in a profitable, productive and sustainable fashion. This edition explores some of the drivers for change to…

Published 1 Sep 2019

The Spring Journal outlines what ecosystem services are, how they might be delivered and examines the potential for what will essentially be a new sector for Australian agriculture. Ecosystem services provide the opportunity for new sources of income and incentivisation for protection of Australian agriculture’s natural capital. However, there are…

Published 1 Feb 2019

Animals have been at the heart of agriculture for millennia, yet today there is a concerted campaign from a vocal minority to reduce – or even eliminate – animals from agricultural systems. While the livestock industry makes a significant economic and social contribution to Australia as an employer, provider of…

Published 1 Sep 2018

‘Nothing is certain but death and taxes’: it is appropriate that the proverb about the unavoidability of tax is attributed to many sources. Regulation (including tax) that impacts on farm business sustainability is a many-headed monster originating from multiple legislative agendas and political platforms. As is made clear in this…

Published 1 Mar 2018

The Autumn 2018 Farm Policy Journal addresses how much digital technology will transform agriculture, the likely benefits and disadvantages of these technologies and the issues the sector must address to effectively implement a digital strategy. Papers included in this edition are abridged versions of the project reports produced for the…

Published 2 Feb 2018

Trust, or more accurately a general lack of trust, in government, business, media and NGOs continues to be a significant issue in 2018. Agriculture is not immune from this lack of trust and is exposed to significant change as a result. A non-trusting general population is enabling a political environment…

Published 1 Feb 2018

The impact of increased market concentration in agriculture has been the focus of much research, discussion, and regulation over the past century. Finding the right balance between markets that are highly concentrated and markets that exhibit healthy competition is an enduring challenge that confronts agricultural policy-makers.

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