An offer from farmers to help Michelle Bridges.

Published 20161024

Dear Michelle, you might recall I wrote to you back in 2014 in response to some comments you made about farmers who were being secretly filmed as they went about their daily work on pig and poultry farms. At that time the farmers were complaining about animal welfare activists secretly breaking into farms and planting video surveillance equipment in the hope of obtaining footage of farmers mistreating their animals. 

The farmers had started a campaign to have a new law enacted to make this sort of activity illegal, as it created biosecurity risks, as well as being very intrusive. Their farms are also their homes, and not many people would like to have someone secretly filming their daily activities.
At the time you made some comments opposing any change to the law, as you seemed to think that farmers should be able to be secretly filmed. You actually urged your followers to oppose any changes to the law, and also encouraged them to ask their butcher where their meat comes from. I had no problems with people asking their butcher where their meat comes from, but was a bit annoyed about you criticising farmers for trying to stop people from taking intrusive photographs and videos.
I was in town the other day to pay a few bills (the postman no longer comes out our road, and its actually quicker to drive into town to pay the bills than to wait for our internet to load up a web page) and I happened to pick up a newspaper. Imagine my surprise when I noticed a news story detailing the problems you have had with an intrusive photographer, who apparently had been photographing you going about your normal daily activities, such as buying groceries.
The story said that you had become so upset, that you asked the Court to issue an order preventing the photographer from trying to take photographs of yourself and your family.
It seems to me that the problems you have had with the intrusive photographer are exactly the same as the problems farmers have had with the activists secretly filming on farms, and that you might now have changed your mind about the need for a law to stop these activities occurring. 
In fact, I caught up with a few local farmers while I was in town and we had a bit of a discussion about your problems. We decided that the best way to tackle it would be to form a group to campaign on the issue, which we have tentatively called “Farmers and lifestyle coaches against intrusive photographers and secret video cameras”. It’s not a really catchy name, but I am sure you could help us come up with something better.
All the local farmers are keen to join up and up and lend their support (although I must admit it might be because I told them you would be our ‘Brand Ambassador’ and would be coming to our first meeting). By the way, I’m still not sure what a brand ambassador does but it must be important because I noticed that most of the people photographed at the races recently seem to have been brand ambassadors for something or other.
Anyway Michelle, the farmers around here are prepared to forget your past views on this issue – which they assume have now changed – and happy to lend what support they can to try and make it harder for unwanted pests to film people going about their daily activities. 
I hope my promise to them that you will be here for the first meeting of this new group is OK, and judging from the shape some of them are in, it might also be a good opportunity for you to sign a few of them up to your weight loss program!
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