Agriculture in Australia is a vital component of the national economy, but faces growing challenges on a broad range of fronts as the population becomes highly urbanised and remote from the realities of farm business.

Children growing up in Australia’s major cities and regional centres are probably more likely to have travelled overseas, than they are to have spent time on an Australian farm. As a result, it is not surprising that as adults their positions on major national policy debates often give scant recognition to the needs of the farm sector.

In order to ensure the needs of agriculture are well understood and appropriately considered in policy decisions made by governments, it is becoming increasingly important for farmers to adopt a strategic approach, and to establish policy agendas, rather than just respond to them.

The Australian Farm Institute has been created to carry out this strategic role on behalf of Australian farmers. The Institute’s founders recognised that in order to successfully develop and promote policies that will benefit farmers, it is essential that those policies are soundly based, and are supported by rigorous and objective research. An information brochure about the Australian Farm Institute is available for download here.

This website is the most important of a number of mechanisms that are used by the Institute to promote its research outcomes to policy-makers and the wider community. Our aim is that the website should be easy to use and navigate, and that it should provide rapid access to relevant information.

We hope you find the information here relevant and informative, and encourage you to support the work of the Institute via membership or subscription.

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