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The Australian Farm Institute leads the farm policy discussions to ensure a viable future for the Australian agricultural community, delivers timely analysis and insights on priority farm policy issues, and promotes evidence-based policy solutions that maximise the economic and social wellbeing of our farmers.  

The AFI’s small core team is enhanced by the input of AFI Research Fellows and the Research Advisory Committee (RAC). The Fellows are agricultural professionals drawn from around regional Australia who provide a sounding board for research questions, and the RAC consists of experienced senior researchers and academics who ensure AFI research outputs are of the highest calibre and are conducted objectively.
AFI’s research program is structured around three key themes:
  • Agricultural business – focusing on issues that impact on the ability of farmers and supply chain actors to operate profitable businesses
  • Agricultural resources – focusing on resource management issues which impact farmers (natural, human, financial, intellectual, social or relationship and manufactured resources)
  • Agricultural communities – focusing on social issues impacting on farmers and their regional communities

Research promotion is important to the Institute as it assists in the development of sound and innovative policy solutions, in addition to enlightening the wider community. The Institute produces a variety of publications and events to bring policy issues to the fore, including the quarterly Farm Policy Journal and Farm Institute Insights, as well annual conferences, roundtables and seminars which provide opportunities for researchers and policy-makers to exchange ideas.

While similar organisations exist at a more general level in Australia and in other developed economies, the AFI is the only stand-alone institute of this nature which focuses solely on farm issues.

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