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The Australian Farm Institute leads the farm policy discussions to ensure a viable future for the Australian agricultural community, delivers timely analysis and insights, and promotes evidence-based policy solutions that maximise the economic and social wellbeing of our farmers. 

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Published 13 Jul 2022

Let’s face it, sometimes policy research and analysis can be a little dull. However, anyone with even a passing interest in agriculture could not describe the Australian agricultural policy environment of the last few years as dull. Initiatives aimed at addressing drought impacts, long-term sustainability, trade and supply chains have…

Published 31 May 2022

From farm gate to café plate, pressures to report on and deliver against ESG metrics are introducing new requirements throughout agricultural supply chains. ESG reporting measures the environmental, social and governance performance of a business, providing transparency for customers, stakeholders, stockholders and investors. Capability improvements across agriculture will be required…

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07-03-2022 09:00 AM - 07-03-2022 10:00 PM

AFI Conference – Monday 7 March 2022 – Strangers’ Room, NSW Parliament, SYDNEY NSW – Advocacy is a critical tool for industries to successfully navigate through economic upheaval and social shifts. Is Australia’s agricultural advocacy well positioned for these inevitable challenges? Join us at the AFI’s Conference event to discuss:…

17-06-2021 10:00 AM - 17-06-2021 10:00 PM

Purchase Sessions and Recordings Thursday 17 June 2021 – Toowoomba, QLD & ONLINE Conference Overview: While COVID-19 is the most prominent disruptor of trade in recent times, it is far from the only one. Geopolitical tensions, socio-economic changes, infrastructure challenges and biosecurity concerns are not merely theoretical risks but active…

Featured Research

Published 28 Oct 2021

This paper considers how the agriculture sector can leverage stimulatory regional investment to ensure enduring economic stability and social benefits by establishing a virtuous cycle of beneficial impacts. A strong agricultural sector, availability of regional jobs and financial capital, and improved regional liveability are not only linked but interdependent. While…

Published 16 Aug 2021

Government policies aimed at addressing risk in Australian agriculture have a long and chequered history. While a range of government programs and schemes intended to improve management of financial risks is available to Australian farmers, there is little evidence to indicate that the majority of past policies can be considered…

Published 1 Jul 2021

Trust is an essential enabling factor for the smooth and efficient operation of agricultural value chains (AVCs). It is critical in ensuring coordinated supply and demand management of safe and legitimate food and fibre products and underpins financial transaction confidence and security.


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Published 1 Dec 2020

How a gas-led recovery will impact Australian farmers

Agriculture & gas production enterprises have different values & goals. For the sake of our farmers & our agriculture sector, it’s time to take our foot off the gas. This short video summarises the AFI briefing paper produced with the support of Farmers for Climate Action and the Australian Conserv

Published 23 Nov 2020

This video provides a precis of the Australian Farm Biodiversity Certification Scheme Phase 1 Report delivered to the National Farmers’ Federation in July 2020. During the consultation for this report, farmers identified the complexity, cost and difficulty of assessing and participating in multiple programs, as barriers to participating in current…
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