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The Australian Farm Institute leads the farm policy discussions to ensure a viable future for the Australian agricultural community, delivers timely analysis and insights, and promotes evidence-based policy solutions that maximise the economic and social wellbeing of our farmers. 

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Published 22 Mar 2023

AFI’s staff, Board, Research Advisory Committee and Research Fellows have identified the Institute’s top research priorities for 2023. Some topics will be the subject of Farm Policy Journal or Insights editions, while others will be developed into research projects and discussion papers.

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04-07-2023 09:00 AM - 04-07-2023 10:00 PM

AFI mid-year conference and dinner – Tuesday 4 July 2023 – Adelaide Oval. The next step in the ESG landscape, which many initiatives have struggled with, is setting goals and targets. From industry frameworks, commodity certification, Government pledges and local initiatives, a wide array of sustainability activities are being undertaken…

18-10-2022 09:00 AM - 18-10-2022 10:00 PM

AFI Roundtable and dinner – Tuesday 18 October 2022 – Gandel Hall, National Gallery of Australia, Parkes Place East, PARKES ACT 2600 – 250 delegates attended this sold out event; discussing the capability and capacity of Australian agriculture to meet sustainability goals in environmental management, social responsibility and business capital.

07-03-2022 09:00 AM - 07-03-2022 10:00 PM

AFI Conference – Monday 7 March 2022 – Strangers’ Room, NSW Parliament, SYDNEY NSW – Advocacy is a critical tool for industries to successfully navigate through economic upheaval and social shifts. Is Australia’s agricultural advocacy well positioned for these inevitable challenges? Join us at the AFI’s Conference event to discuss:…

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Published 4 Nov 2022

More than ever, farmers need strong, effective advocates. However, organic growth in the advocacy ecosystem across disparate regions and sectors has led to duplication of structures and replication of intent. Australian agricultural advocacy is riddled with issues – and rich in resources. To adapt effectively, agricultural advocates must take personal…

Published 31 Aug 2022

Sustainability is at the heart of Australian farming. Producing food and fibre sustainably means practicing responsible stewardship of the environment, taking care of people and animals, and ensuring economic resilience for the community and industry. The AASF communicates the sustainability status and goals of the Australian agricultural industry to markets…

Published 28 Oct 2021

This paper considers how the agriculture sector can leverage stimulatory regional investment to ensure enduring economic stability and social benefits by establishing a virtuous cycle of beneficial impacts. A strong agricultural sector, availability of regional jobs and financial capital, and improved regional liveability are not only linked but interdependent. While…


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Published 3 Nov 2022

Collaborating for global agricultural sustainability

The sustainability of food systems around the world is a pressing issue for everyone. A new collaborative initiative aims to use existing evidence & emerging research, informing dialogue that can unlock new thinking to improve global agricultural sustainability. The Global Forum on Farm Policy and Innovation (GFFPI) will leverage think-tank…

Published 18 Oct 2022

Understanding carbon opportunities in Australian farming

This online tool offers a practical resource for landowners and primary producers to navigate the tricky landscape of carbon options. With a lot of ‘noise’ about potential opportunities, the key message of the tool is to know your options and make good choices. Opportunities covered in the tool include participation in…

Published 1 Dec 2020

How a gas-led recovery will impact Australian farmers

Agriculture & gas production enterprises have different values & goals. For the sake of our farmers & our agriculture sector, it’s time to take our foot off the gas. This short video summarises the AFI briefing paper produced with the support of Farmers for Climate Action and the Australian Conserv

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