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The Implications of Digital Agriculture and Big Data for Australian Agriculture

The research report represents 12 months of investigation into digital technologies and big data for agriculture. The research investigated how digital technologies being used in agriculture are generating large amounts of data sufficient for ‘big data’ analytics. The use of digital agriculture systems enables farmers to change from paddock and herd average management, to square metre and individual animal management, with reported subsequent increases in farm productivity. Gains of the order of 10% to 15% have been recorded in cropping systems. The research addresses questions that are being asked globally about ownership of the vast amounts of data that are being collected by digital agriculture. 

This report is only available in PDF
Full report: pp. 1-68 (84 pages), April 2016
Australian Farm Institute
Authors: Keogh, M & Henry, M
ISBN 978-1-921808-38-8 (Print and Web)



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