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Review of Australian Agriculture’s Trade Performance 2016

There are a wide range of different factors that affect the export performance of Australian agriculture, ranging from seasonal conditions and domestic economic factors, to international agricultural trade rules, currency movement, and biosecurity standards and requirements. All of these factors make it difficult to gain a comprehensive understanding of Australia’s agricultural trade performance, especially over the short-term.
Nevertheless, this report and the data contained within it provides industry leaders and policy-makers with an outline of longer-term trends which can be used to identify areas of success and areas where actions may be needed to address challenges.

This report is only available in PDF
Full report: pp. 1-44 (53 pages), April 2016
Australian Farm Institute
Authors: Hamilton, A & Henry, M
ISBN: 978-1-921808-39-5 (Web) 



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Review of Australian Agriculture’s Trade Performance 2014

This research aims to assess Australian agriculture’s recent trade performance, in order to gain a perspective of how competitive Australian agricultural products are in international and domestic markets, and just as importantly to assist in identifying factors or policies that may assist Australian agriculture to become more competitive in the future.
This report is only available in PDF
Full report: pp. 1-46 (55 pages), November 2014
Australian Farm Institute
Author: Henry, M
ISBN 978-1-921808-36-4 (Web)


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