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Australian agriculture: an increasingly risky business

The pursuit of agricultural enterprise in Australia is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly risky business. However, it is also evident that the Australian farm sector has continued to grow despite the absence of significant Government support and a limited range of commercial risk mitigation products.

While good farm business practice has been effective in driving a strong and resilient agricultural economy, there is no room for complacency as the sector squares up to some significant new challenges and an accelerating pace of changing risk exposure. The impacts of climate change are exacerbating the complexity of risk management both directly and indirectly throughout supply chains, and institutional risk is emerging as a serious concern.

Full report: pp. 1-80 (84 pages), April 2019
Australian Farm Institute
Authors: Laurie, A, Curtis, M, Heath, R, Darragh, L & McRobert, K (2019)
ISBN 978-1-921808-44-9 (Print and Web)



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