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2018 Summer - Should society determine the right to farm?

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FPJ1504D - Dumbrell, N (2018), To what extent should society determine the right to farm?

FPJ1504D - Dumbrell, N (2018), To what extent should society determine the right to farm?, in Farm Policy Journal, vol. 15, no. 4, Summer 2018, pp. 19-26, Surry Hills, Australia.

Farmers, like all other business operators and individuals, are continuously faced with decisions about how to allocate and manage their resources (land, water, capital, labour, etc.) to satisfy their objectives. A farmer’s choice set is constrained by the attributes of their resources, regulations, market requirements, and social expectations. Regulations stipulate (often legal) conditions on resource access and use. But, complying with regulations is insufficient. Society expects more of farmers (and others) than to just comply with regulations. The ongoing acceptance or approval of a farmer’s operations/activities by local stakeholders and the broader community is described as the farmer’s ‘social licence to operate’.



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