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2017 Autumn - The changing agricultural workforce

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FPJ1401C - Korff, D (2017), The Changing Agricultural Workforce – How Can it be Sustained and Developed?

FPJ1401C - Korff, D (2017), The Changing Agricultural Workforce – How Can it be Sustained and Developed?, in Farm Policy Journal, vol. 14, no. 1, Autumn 2017, pp. 11-17, Surry Hills, Australia.

The Future Farmers Network (FFN) is a national network for young people working in agriculture and agribusiness. In this paper, the Chair of the FFN discusses the future of agriculture’s workforce, and specifically what skills, training and labour requirements may be needed. 
Creating objective and rigorous initiatives to improve young people’s training, and increase the attraction and retention of staff in agriculture is extremely challenging. The rapid evolution of technology is challenging the ability of many training organisations and businesses to supply people with required skills, particularly as many of skills required have not traditionally been associated with agriculture. 
The future agricultural workforce needs to train themselves not only in areas of traditional knowledge, but also in the new, emerging skill sets.



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