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2015 Summer - Australian agriculture, pursuing premium markets or productivity

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FPJ1204F - Thompson, D (2015), Taking Care of Business: Productivity Gains and Premium Markets

FPJ1204F - Thompson, D (2015), Taking Care of Business: Productivity Gains and Premium Markets, in Farm Policy Journal, vol. 12, no. 4, Summer 2015, pp. 39-46, Surry Hills, Australia.

Australia cannot afford to neglect investment in productivity, but it must also capitalise on emerging opportunities in premium markets. Productivity efforts enhance our industry’s resilience and readiness to take advantage of opportunities, while premium marketing efforts drive greater volume from our efforts to produce the quality and calibre of produce that premium markets not only demand, but for which they will pay a premium.

Productivity investment should be maintained and efforts to open access into premium markets must absolutely be a key focus. Australia cannot forget about the pursuit of productivity because it underpins our industry’s resilience and innovativeness that enables us to access premium markets with safe and high-quality produce. 



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