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2012 Summer - Can Australia become the food bowl of Asia?

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FPJ0904G - Connolly, McLoughlin, Bourne, Shelman & Bradley - Towards a Branded Food Economy in China – Industry Speaks

Connolly, A, McLoughlin, D, Bourne, S, Shelman, M, Bradley, F (2012), Towards a Branded Food Economy in China – Industry Speaks, Farm Policy Journal, Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 49-55, Summer, Surry Hills, Australia. 


The Chinese economy has achieved extraordinary levels of economic growth and prosperity over the past 30 years. This has evolved into a desire for greater quantities, quality and variety of food products both from its newly enriched citizens and political leaders. These changes have affected the rest of the world, most notably in the demand for the commodity products needed to feed an expanding agricultural industry and its citizens. This paper discusses the six forces which are currently shaping the food industry: an expanding middle class; concerns for food security, safety and quality; the integration and consolidation of industry supply chains; the simultaneous complexity and simplicity of Chinese culture. These forces will shape food production and consumption; the emergence of a Chinese consumer market, the emergence of food retailing and we conclude a branded food economy.



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