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2012 Summer - Can Australia become the food bowl of Asia?

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FPJ0904F - Dyck, Woolverton & Rangkuti - Indonesia’s Modern Food Retail Sector

Dyck, J, Woolverton, AE, Rangkuti, FY (2012), Indonesia’s Modern Food Retail Sector, Farm Policy Journal, Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 35-47, Summer, Surry Hills, Australia. 


Indonesia’s food market has changed in response to a changing and growing economy. This paper examines changes in the food consumption pattern and measures the growth of modern food retail chains, of packaged food purchases, and of food imports in the world’s fourth-most-populous country. The evidence suggests that Indonesians are moving toward modern global purchasing and consumption patterns, but more slowly than in some comparable countries. Barriers to foreign and domestic commerce, affecting the development of modern food retail supply chains, are important constraints on food market change in Indonesia. Further change in Indonesia’s retail food sector will help determine future growth in imports, including from the United States.



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