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2011 Summer - food, fuel and climate change mitigation- can agriculture do it all

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FPJ0804 - Keogh, M - Food security, food reality and australian agriculture opportunity

Keogh, M, Food security, food reality and Australian agriculture opportunity, Farm Policy Journal, Vol8 N4, Summer 2011, pp 1-6

As recently as five years ago, food security was a term used in discussions about the food supply situation in drought stricken and impoverished developing nations, often as not run by a despotic dictator. More recently, however, food security has emerged as a major policy issue in developed nations such as Australia. Unfortunately, much of the discussion about the issue is misinformed, and some of the proposed ‘solutions’ are likely to make global food security worse, rather than better. While global food insecurity represents a significant opportunity for Australian agriculture, it will require considerable effort by industry participants to secure that opportunity. Those efforts will be more likely to succeed if Australian governments undertake policy reforms in a range of areas including agricultural innovation, agricultural trade, regulation efficiency and market transparency.



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