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2011 Summer - food, fuel and climate change mitigation- can agriculture do it all

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Farm Policy Journal - Vol 8 No 4 2011 - Summer - Full Journal

Farm Policy Journal, Vol. 8, Number 4, Summer 2011, Food, fuel and climate change mitigation: how can agriculture can do it all? , Australian Farm Institute, 68 pp

ISSN: 1449-2210 (print), 1449-8812 (online) 

After being overlooked for several decades, agricultural policy is now back in the limelight and a key focus for governments around the world. This is also the case in Australia, with the Australian government working on a National Food Plan, food security policies, water policies, renewable energy policies and a carbon tax aimed at reducing national greenhouse emissions. In all these, agriculture has a central role, but the potential exists that these policies will result in contradictions, because the sector only has  limited resources available, and is facing  increasing input costs, day to day volatility in national and international markets, and the decreasing investment in agricultural R&D and regional services. The potential conflicts and contradictions between these different policy areas were the subject of papers contributed for the Summer edition of the Farm Policy Journal. It includes contributions from international experts, as well as students who provided entries for the Institute’s John Ralph Essay Competition.




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