A year of changes

In keeping with the prevailing 2020 theme of adaptation, the AFI will be making some significant changes in coming months.

The most visible change will be the launch of our new website, which will be much more user-friendly and provide a better repository for our extensive range of agricultural policy publications than the existing site. The new site will feature improved search functionality and intuitive linking of topics to AFI’s current and historical body of work. 

We are also changing the way people access AFI information to better reflect the value of our work and to offer easier channels of support for the Institute. For example, Insights has delivered unique observations on topics shaping Australian agriculture more than 15 years at no cost to the reader; however, as readership has increased the compilation and publication of Insights has become a substantial expense. As such, from November 2020 we will be charging a small fee for an annual subscription to Insights to help cover these costs. 

As workplaces and communications increasingly move online, we will also reduce our footprint by encouraging members and subscribers to take up a digital-only option for our publications. Print subscriptions will still be available through our online shop, where you can also access other AFI products such as research reports, individual issues of the Farm Policy Journal, subscription bundles or membership packages.

These changes will mean an entry-level membership option to the Institute can be offered for just $33 per annum, which includes digital access to Insights. Existing members can choose to retain their current benefits including hard copies of the Farm Policy Journal and Insights, or ‘step down’ to a digital-only subscription package to save money and resources.*

As a not-for-profit institute, we hope these shifts will help us meet the costs of producing cutting-edge policy analysis while also enabling more affordable access points for membership. If you are not yet a member, we hope you will consider becoming part of the AFI community and help us continue to enhance the economic and social wellbeing of farmers and the agricultural sector in Australia by conducting highly credible policy research, and promoting the outcomes of that work to policy-makers and the wider community.

Stay tuned for more news on these developments to the way you engage with the AFI – we will keep you posted via email, post or our social media channels as the changes come into effect.

* Please note: if you are already a paid member of AFI, we will be in touch soon regarding options to save with digital-only options.