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The Institute has recently been interviewed by ABC Rural’s Country Hour on the unwillingness of Australian super funds to invest in agriculture and concerns about levels of foreign investment. Mick Keogh was interviewed by Warwick Long on the topic: ‘Foreign Investment: what should the rules be?’ (14/10/2013); and Sam Hunt and Michael Condon on why, ‘Super funds don’t invest in agriculture’ (13/9/2013):

‘Over the last 20 to 30 years, Australian superannuation investment managers have tended to be very focused on investing in equities in the stockmarket in Australia. In general terms, that’s provided a pretty good return, so it’s been quite a convenient investment vehicle for them. Agriculture doesn’t fit the bill the same way.’

Mick Keogh says foreign companies are keen to invest in something tangible, like land. They take a much longer-term view – they take the view that investors want to be paid out in 15 or 20 years’ time and they want to make sure their assets are secure.

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Out and about

Recently the Institute’s Executive Director, Mick Keogh, has spoken at:

  • Australian National Fodder Conference, Palm Cove, Queensland
  • Rural Innovation Research Group Annual Symposium, Melbourne
  • Queensland Farmers’ Federation Energy Forum, Brisbane
  • PPB Advisory National Agribusiness Conference, Melbourne
  • Agriculture Kangaroo Island Conference, Parndana, South Australia
  • Harden District Rural Advisory Service AGM, Harden, New South Wales
  • Western Australian Division of Ag Institute Australia ‘Busting the Productivity Barrier’ Forum, Como, Western Australia
  • Woolworths’ Agricultural Business Scholarship Program ‘Future of Agriculture in Australia’ Panel Discussion, Bella Vista, New South Wales
  • NSW Farmers’ Association Executive Council Workshop, St Leonards, New South Wales
  • Monsanto Australia Annual Conference, Port Douglas, Queensland
  • Trade and Investment Queensland Lunch Forum ‘The Dining Boom – Beyond the Hype’, Brisbane
Images:  Hayley Becker, USDA, Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation

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