Institute events

Each year the Australian Farm Institute convenes a national conference to bring together farm and agribusiness leaders to consider and discuss some of the strategic policy issues of importance for agriculture.

The Annual Agriculture Roundtable Conference will be held on the 6th & 7th of November, 2013 at the Sydney Harbour Marriott, Circular Quay.

In the news

The Institute was quoted widely in the media following the announcement that RM Williams Agricultural Holdings’ carbon farming initiative Henbury Station has gone into receivership. The Institute provided comment for the SmartCompany article by Patrick Stafford, ‘RM Williams Agricultural Holdings placed in receivership’, (1/07/2013) and the article, ‘RM Williams carbon projects plunge into receivership’, (30/06/2013) on Beef Central. Mick Keogh was interviewed by Kristy O’Brien for the ABC News, 7:30 Report NT story the ‘Future of Henbury Station’ on Friday, 5 June 2013:

We don’t know the extent to which the carbon project has been part of the problems experienced by RM Williams Agricultural Holdings. They obviously have more operations than just Henbury Station, but it does in a heads-up way send a signal that this whole thing doesn’t work which I think is a bit unfortunate...

The risk is that people go into this assuming they’ll be able to get a methodology approved for a particular type of activity and that process takes a long while and then assuming at the end of it they’ll be able to sell the credits and that’s not necessarily the case either...

There needs to be a decision about whether it’s a conservation area or whether it’s an operating farm. If it’s a conservation area then I’m not sure that that is compatible with a carbon farming project and it needs to be managed as a conservation area. If it’s not, then I think it needs to be returned to normal beef production.

Out and about

Recently the Institute’s Executive Director, Mick Keogh, has spoken at:

  • Committee for Economic Development of Australia Conference, Ascot Vale, Victoria
  • Primary Industries Adaptation Research Network Symposium, Melbourne
  • Grains Research and Development Corporation National Agribusiness Reference Group, Canberra
  • Liberal Party Rural and Regional Committee, Canberra
  • Victorian Farmers Federation Annual Conference, Melbourne
  • Grains Research and Development Corporation Strategic Outlook Conference, Melbourne
  • Agricultural Finance Forum, Canberra
  • Australian Grains Industry Conference, Melbourne 

Mick Keogh has recently travelled throughout Brazil and Denmark conducting research on extension services.

The Institute’s Senior Research Officer, Adam Tomlinson presented an industry forecast at:

  • NSW Farmers’ Association Horticulture Conference 2013, Chatswood, NSW
The Institute’s Research Officer, Gaétane Potard spoke at:
  • GrainGrowers Meeting, North Ryde, NSW

In May, the Institute held its 'Australian Agricultural Innovation Systems at the Crossroads' Conference, in Canberra.

Images:  CSIRO, Sarah Keogh, USDA

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