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Opposition signals willingness to negotiate

- Saturday, July 25, 2009

Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has signalled the Opposition is prepared to negotiate amendments that could see Australian Climate Change legislation passed by the Parliament during August. The Opposition leader has released a list of nine 'principles' that would form the basis of amendments the Opposition may be prepared to agree to in order to allow the legislation to pass.

 Significantly for Australian agriculture, principle 5 of the Oppositions list refers to the future role of agriculture in the CPRS.

The principle states;

As in the Waxman Markey legislation agricultural emissions should be excluded from the scheme and agricultural offsets (eg. biosequestration or green carbon) should be included. Australia’s greatest near term potential of reducing its CO2 emissions are to be found in the better management of our own landscape.

The full list of the Opposition's principles can be accessed here.

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