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NZ farmers likely to be included in ETS ?

- Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The New Zealand Climate Change Minister Nick Smith has provided a strong hint that agriculture will be included in the New Zealand ETS, despite the hopes of New Zealand farm groups that the sector would be included. New Zealand is currently reviewing its climate change policies, with the outcome of that review anticipated in the next few months.


When questioned on the role of agriculture, Smith provided a strong indication the sector was likely to be included in the scheme, although was less specific on what the timetable for inclusion may be.


An excerpt of the interview follows;

INTERVIEWER: You’ve mentioned this a couple of times – agriculture. Now agriculture is responsible for 48-50%, roughly half of greenhouse gas emissions, yet they're essentially getting a free ride aren’t they?

SMITH Well I think that’s going way too far to say they're getting a free ride, no other country in the world is proposing to bring agriculture into the ETS.

INTERVIEWER But about half the burden, shouldn’t they be responsible for half the cost?

SMITH They’ve gotta be, and I've noticed the said farmers have sort of been wanting to get agriculture out of an ETS, that’s not a startable proposition.

INTERVIEWER And will they be in? Labour was going to have them in by 2013, is that you're timeframe?

SMITH We haven't made decisions on that, I think I would not this though.

INTERVIEWER Is that too soon?

SMITH  Well I'll tell you the real point in the economic analysis that we've released highlights this. For those sectors that are trading internationally it's a whole lot harder for them, and also the mere technology of measuring greenhouse gas emissions from basically cows and sheep burping, is incredibly difficult, and so yes, agriculture's going to have to be part of it, but what you're going to see from this government is a realistic practical approach that says hey look you need to be up front about how tricky and what the costs are in this.

Anonymous commented on 01-Aug-2009 08:48 PM
I would like to say 'how hot is your bath!'. You will turn on the cold water to mediate the effects of being too hot!
This Climate discussion is not so different.
The structures to drive investment in a carbon pollution reduction scheme HAVE TO BE IDENTIFIED... because such schemes may have devastional repercussions on such industries.

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