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Contrasting views on CPRS from PM and Grocery industry

- Monday, August 17, 2009

In the washup of last week's Senate debate on the CPRS, there has been a renewed burst of debate about the scheme and its impacts on different sectors, perhaps best exemplified by the Prime Minister saying farmers are all doomed unless Australia implement the legislation, and others saying farmers are doomed if Australia does.

On the farmers are doomed side, PM Kevin Rudd in an interview on commercial radio stated that Australian climate policy action would be pivotal to getting major national emitters to take action, and in any event Australian farm exports will soon be facing carbon tariffs.

Meanwhile, the Food and Grocery Council and the National Farmer Federation have both released statements highlighting the enormous impact the CPRS could have on farm production and food prices, which would decimate Australian farming and lead to more food imports from carbon-inefficient nations.

Not surprising that many farmers are deeply confused over the whole issue, and very wary of agreeing to the punishment of higher costs in the hope that other nations eventually join in. Sounds a lot like the arguments that have been used in the agricultural trade debate, doesn't it?  
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