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Glyphosate hysteria ramps up

Richard Heath - Monday, August 20, 2018
Last October I wrote about the European Commission vote on extending the registration of glyphosate. While the extension was granted, it has done nothing to diminish the campaigning of vocal community that oppose the use of glyphosate.  View the rest of the post here 
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Making the most of drought awareness

Richard Heath - Tuesday, August 07, 2018

The drought has not happened suddenly, but suddenly it’s mainstream news. I have been asked to do several media interviews in recent weeks and each reporter’s focus has been the effect that the drought might have on grocery prices. Since drought is a recurring feature of Australian agriculture there is precedent to call on and - as this paper from John Quiggin outlines - during previous periods of extended drought, grocery prices have risen by about twice the rate of inflation. View the rest of the post here

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