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Farm safety is all about attitude.

Richard Heath - Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Australian agriculture has been kicking a lot of goals in the last few years. As the biggest contributor to GDP growth, the farming sector is full of stories of innovation and success. One goal that remains resolutely un-kicked however, is that of workplace safety. There is no way to sugar coat the fact that farmers are participating in the deadliest profession in Australia.  View the rest of the post here

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Respect Scientific Consensus

Richard Heath - Thursday, July 12, 2018

In the world of agriculture Mark Lynas is probably best known for his high-profile change of mind on the issue of GMO’s. Originally an anti-GMO activist, some say he was even the global founder of the anti-GMO movement, Mark is now an advocate for genetic engineering, promoting the potential for the technology in addressing a range of environmental and food security issues.   View the rest of the post here

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