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Farm Policy Journal - Winter 2015: Labour matters in Australian agriculture

A range of Australian industry experts address the different matters around farm workforce management

John Ralph Essay Competition 2015

This year's topic is: Australian agriculture should forget about the pursuit of productivity, and instead focus on premium markets. Register now.

Farm Institute Insights - May 2015

Australian farmers could remain years behind global peers due to NBN delays. Also, the implications of big data  for Australian farmers; hastily made policy decisions may have little real impact  on farm animal welfare; the effectiveness of current country of origin labelling requirements; and the RSPCA’s divided attitudes to pet and livestock welfare.

New release - Designing Balanced and Effective Farm Animal Welfare Policies for Australia

A review of current farm animal welfare policy systems, finds that Australia has very high animal welfare standards, as well as internationally acknowledged scientists, and innovative and proactive industry leaders.

Farm Policy Journal - Autumn 2015: Big data
From little data big data grow. Will 'big data' kill the family farm, or be the key to its renaissance?