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Farm Policy Journal - Summer 2014: Brand Australia

Does Australian agriculture need a national brand?
Proximity to markets and historical good fortune is no guarantee of future success for Australian agriculture.

Achieving effective drought policy will require more honesty from all involved

One of the biggest impediments to achieving more effective and enduring drought policy in Australia is the fact that few of those involved in the debate are prepared to be honest about the evidence of the impact of drought, or the effectiveness of previous policies.

Three new research reports released - Optimising future extension systems in the Australian grains industry

A less than optimal agricultural extension system will act as a considerable brake on the level of productivity growth. Recent research examines the Australian system and provides a dozen recommendations for improvement.

Farm Institute Insights - November 2014

According to scientists and environmental groups, current environmental policy settings in Australia are inadequate to prevent accelerating and irreparable damage to the environment. Perhaps it’s time to consider a radically different set of policies, and not more of the same...

Launch of agricultural trade data portal and trade review report

The Australian Farm Institute has developed a series of online databases detailing agricultural production, consumption and trade. This information can be accessed by Institute members for planning purposes. The information is aimed at encouraging greater national efforts in improving Australian agricultural trade access to international markets.