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Farm Institute Insights - November 2015
Big data and the future of farming. Also, beef the big mover in Australian agricultural trade; be wary of simplistic indicators of ‘competitiveness’; judging the potential or pitfalls of digital agriculture for Australian farmers; and no case for zero tolerance in Marsh vs Baxter.

Farm Policy Journal - Spring 2015:
Will consumers stop agricultural technology?

A perplexing paradox of modern life is that consumers will willingly ingest potent mixes of chemicals or submit to analysis by some of the most advanced technological instruments in order to sustain their health, yet baulk at the use of the same technology in food production

Farm Institute Insights - August 2015
Look over the grain fence: greener on the other side? Examining the nature of Canada's grain export system and the implications for Australia's grain export sector. Also, has the Basin Plan delivered on its promises?; the optimal level of RD&E expenditure; and the role of a national brand

Farm Policy Journal - Winter 2015:
Labour matters in Australian agriculture

A range of Australian industry experts address the different matters around farm workforce management

Farm Institute Insights - May 2015
Australian farmers could remain years behind global peers due to NBN delays. Also, the implications of big data  for Australian farmers; hastily made policy decisions may have little real impact  on farm animal welfare; the effectiveness of current country of origin labelling requirements; and the RSPCA’s divided attitudes to pet and livestock welfare

New release - Designing Balanced and Effective Farm Animal Welfare Policies for Australia
A review of current farm animal welfare policy systems, finds that Australia has very high animal welfare standards, as well as internationally acknowledged scientists, and innovative and proactive industry leaders